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Taking Animal Wellness To A New Level

The primary determinant of immune activation and effectiveness is the source of beta glucans. Unlike beta glucans derived from yeast, barley and oats, lmmuOligo contains pure beta glucan glucopolysaccharides isolated from the mushroom mycelia. This essential constituent of the mushrooms provides a synergistic effect that further enhances clinical benefits. The patented process of extracting and preserving beta glucan from mushrooms is at the forefront of reintroducing botanicals as feed prebiotics.

lmmuOligo MBG®  consists of isolated and highly purified β-1,3-1,6 D-Glucan molecules from the mushroom’s intercellular membrane. The beta glucan glucopolysaccharide molecules are isolated using a three-step patented process that essentially preserves its bioavailability. Instead of using the aggressive ethanol/hydrolyzed extraction process which alters its original, natural structure, the ultrasonic extraction is capable of retaining the beta glucans in their native diverse structure to achieve full biological activity. This enables lmmuOligo to ensure an effective and beneficial impact upon intake. Developed with modern biotechnology inspired by ancient wisdom, lmmuOligo is capable of supporting the animals’ natural defense to minimize all the nutritional and health challenges in a sustainable way.

lmmuOligo MBG® is 20-25 times more concentrated than conventional mushroom extracts. It is a water soluble ingredient with a neutral taste profile. lmmuOligo contains the highest percent of pure beta glucan glucopolysaccharides commercially available for animals, manufactured from Non-GMO mushrooms. Other advantages include:

  • Offical FDA-Notified G.R.A.S. Status (GRN000413) for a comprehensive safety profile
  • SGS Certified GMP
  • Allergen free